Exhale Colon Clinic only use FDA (Food Drug Administration) and EC (European Commission) equipment manufactured by Aqua-Clinic Ltd.


The Aqua Clinic’s portable device is designed to achieve deep hydration and effective results from the very first treatment. Unlike in most other pressure devices, waste DOES NOT go through the machine thus ensuring hygiene and optimum safety.


A water treatment unit is built into the back of the machine to ensure that water is thoroughly filtered immediately before contact with client.


The equipment is designed to be very quiet and gentle in operation which is suitable for fragile patients or clients. No electricity is used in the operation, making the equipment suitable for EMF – sensitive clients.


All speculums, pipes and tubing are disposable to ensure client safety.


At Exhale we adhere to the highest international standards of sanitation, safety and client care and only professionally trained and qualified therapists perform treatments.


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