Colon Hydrotherapy, also known as colon irrigation or more commonly a colonic, is a gentle infusion of warm filtered water that involves the removal of impurities from the colon such as faecal matter, toxins, mucous and parasites.

This is done by a trained professional colon hydrotherapist with the use of specialised equipment to allow the regulation of water temperature and pressure while maintaining maximum safety.

Purified, pressure controlled water is sent into the colon through the back passage by using a disposable speculum which is placed into the rectum. The speculum has an inlet for water and an outlet for waste tubing.

Exhale Colon Clinic only uses hygienic and comfortable disposable equipment in performing our treatments.

The treatment duration is around 45minutes in which only a mild feeling of pressure will be experienced during the number of fill and release stages (administered at your comfort level), removing the waste directly into a closed waste system.

Therefore no mess or smell.

Privacy is maintained by retaining your upper body clothing and dressing in customised shorts which are provided. Each patient receives freshly laundered white linen and towels.