I was brought up by my mom who believed that when you’re ill, don’t have enough energy, struggle to loose weight, well any negative physical feeling, that it was the result of your colon not being well. I was very apprehensive to go for this treatment, because it just didn’t seem natural to put a pipe up your bum :)

I knew, being 35 at that stage, that it would be the best gift to give myself. I smoked at that stage, I enjoy a glass of wine every day and even more over the weekend. I drink more coffee than water and I do not eat that healthy. I was aware of the fact that my colon will be full of crap at this stage.

I do not suffer from constipation, I think I’m quite regular, doesn’t get stomach cramps but I wanted to do the treatment for health reasons. Inge was extremely professional the day of the treatment. Her friendliness and professionalism made me felt comfortable and relaxed. Her practice is professional, hygienic and only the best. All the pipes (speculums) she used were opened in front of me out of sealed packages. Even the Woolies boxers that I put on, made me feel less revealed and more comfortable.

As I exhaled, I told her I was ready, by which she replied that the pipe was already in :) I expected it to be sore and very uncomfortable, but I hardly could feel the difference. For me it was “cleansing” in so many ways. It was incredible to see what we have in our bodies. Itʼs just old crap that cannot come out without a treatment like this. I felt so much healthier when I walked out there. I felt lighter, I felt younger. I would really recommend Exhale Colon Clinicʼs colon hydrotherapy to anyone. Iʼm booking my next session as we speak.

– Eidie Janse van Rensburg


To all who have the privilege to be treated by this wellness practise:

I am a 57 year old male and have faced plenty medical challenges. Cholesterol, Diabetes Type 2, High blood pressure is part of my daily life. I suffered from shingles in the past and was diagnosed with non Hotchkins lymphoma and had chemo in 2005 but thank God, 5years in remission.

Weight has always been a problem for me and my metabolism is on long leave…ha-ha.

In Dec 2011 whilst on holiday in Jeffreys Bay, I was introduced to this amazing treatment and felt I could benefit greatly from it. I was nervous but in very good hands. I could not believe the amount of toxins, mucus and rubbish that came out. I was amazed… It took 5 treatments to clear my colon. I will be back for maintenance with this vibrant, helpful young lady and her wellness clinic. Please follow suit, you won’t be sorry.

 – Richard Clarke


As long as I can remember, I have always had problems with my colon. I grew up hearing the words “lazy colon” and “spastic colon”.

For the past few years I’ve been in constant pain, I was always uncomfortable and felt bloated. I could hardly touch my abdomen.  I found one of the Exhale Colon Clinics’ flyers and made my first appointment.  The amount of old junk that I actually saw coming out made me feel sick knowing that it’s been sitting in my colon for years.  But yet I felt pleased that at least, finally I getting the proper help I so desperately needed.  After that first appointment I felt immediate relief.  Finally, for the first time in a very long time, no more pain, no bloating and no uncomfortable feeling.  I could sleep without pain again. After about the third session, I was totally flat, my clothes fit beautifully and I felt on top of the world!  By my fifth session, all the “years old” garbage was out of my colon and I felt like a new person.  Thank you, Inge and Exhale Colon Clinic

for the life changing experience.

– Abigail Fortuin


Ek wil net graag vertel wat kolon hydroterapie vir my gedoen en beteken het. Ek sukkel al my hele lewe met hardlywigheid, konstipasie en ‘n spastiese kolon. Ek is 48 jaar oud en het nog nooit enige verligting vir my probleem gekry nie. Ek moes alewig lakseermiddels gebruik wat eintlik die probleem vererger het. So 3 maande terug het ek ‘n hewige spastiese aanval gekry. My huisdokter het X-strale geneem en dit het gewys dat my kolon totaal en al verstop is. Hy het sommer saam met my van die spreekkamer gestap na Inge se kamers toe.

Ek het binne ‘n week begin met die terapie en dit het die wêreld verskuif vir my. Ek het in die terapie 3.6 kg verloor. Ek voel ‘n ander mens en dit het my meer selfvertroue gegee. Ek is meer energiek en sien nou kans vir baie. Kolonhidroterapie is die beste terapie om te gebruik en ek glo elke mens moet ten minste gaan vir ‘n volledige “skoonmaak” sessie. Jy is dit aan jouself verskuldig!

– Karin Smith