“The sages of the ancient world were well aware of the inseparable link between the state of the body and the state of the mind, for they knew that the toxic blood and tissues form a breeding ground not only for the disease and degeneration of the human body but the darkening and degeneration of the human spirit. Many ancient scriptures prescribe fasting and detox as the first preliminary steps on the path of spiritual self cultivation. Today the mutual dependence of physical and spiritual health has largely been forgotten, and few people see the causal connection between the massive pollution of the planet and the degradation of the human body, and rampant crime, chronic violence and spiritual malaise that marks human life in contemporary times. According to the psychophysiological prescription of the ancient sages who gave birth to western civilization, cleaning up the planet and detoxifying the human body are the best medicine of all both for restoring peace on earth and reviving health and spiritual integrity of humanity.” – The Toa of Detox – Daniel Reid –

Colon Hydrotherapy dates back to 1600BC, documented in the book of Essene, the hieroglyphs and the Yogi practices, not to mention an integral part of South African traditional healing modalities. It is now a popular and acceptable therapy practiced all over the world to aid all healing from a host of disorders and illness.   Detoxification deals with the biochemistry of the eliminatory systems. This includes the toxic waste from metabolism, the food and water ingested, air breathed and substances applied to the skin, hair and nails. Every cell in the body, of which there are approximately 70 million, has to eliminate waste in order to assimilate nutrients in order to regenerate.   99% of disease can be related to degenerative conditions, most of which stem from poor elimination. Our “civilised” life-styles ensure the input of a host of plastic, refined, saturated foods, which the body is unable to digest. This is stored in the colon, resulting in the accumulation of impacted waste. Bowel movements should be daily, anything less results in the auto intoxification of the body.

Why colonics?

Colonic Irrigation is a gentle means of thorough elimination, it works on the naturopathic principle that the body is capable of healing itself if it is allowed to. By eliminating old waste the body can assimilate and utilize nutrients effectively.


The Aqua Clinic Portable Device, used to perform our colonics is completely safe, hygienic and very gentle. There is absolutely no chance of bowel perforation, and the intestinal flora is replaced with the highest quality in a balanced, clean environment. The colon is exercised, improving the muscle tone to its natural place in the body.


Colonic Irrigation aids the body in healing a multitude of dis-ease which causes serious and debilitating illness. The skin is rejuvenated, the lungs able to work to their full capacity, and the digestive tract functions at optimum efficiency, resulting in increased energy, vitality and a balance within. The body is then able to heal most illnesses, or manage more serious dis-ease, ensuring improvement of LIFE, no matter what.

If you are choosing this approach then you are choosing a pro-active, preventative method of managing your health. Congratulations, here dawns a new day.

The Way Forward:

A tissue cleanse is a physical, spiritual and emotional experience. The supplements include all nutrients required for the functioning of the body. It is possible to cope with a normal, busy day, however, it is important to rest as much as possible. Making space for a rest, make’s space for meditation and prayer, often skipped in a busy day. Keep your diary as clear as possible and only do as much as you have to, remembering a certain amount of activity keeps your mind off food. Keeping out of the shops and away from social events involving food removes temptation from your path.

Preparing for your fast through cleaning up your diet also makes the detox process easier.


  • Cut out all coffee, tea, sugar and other stimulants, these are all false sources of energy so don’t be surprised if you feel exhausted. There may well be a headache to accompany the caffeine deprivation – Sleep if possible and drink plenty of water – this will pass.
  • Cut out all forms of animal protein – Red meat, chicken, fish and even eggs and milk. Yoghurt and cottage cheese are acceptable if you should crave something heavier.
  • Drink 1,5 – 2 l of water per day. Herbal teas or rooibos are in addition to your daily water intake.

Although water is the primary cleansing agent in therapeutic fasting, various other supplements will be used to accelerate blood purification and tissue detox, and promote rapid healing during the course of the fast. These include:   Colon Cleanse: Most important for clearing and cleansing the digestive tract, particularly the lower bowels. It helps curb hunger by making the intestines and stomach feel full. Green Clay: Acts like a ‘magnetic mop’ to neutralize and carry away toxins loosened from the bowel walls by the colon cleanse. It also makes its way through the bloodstream, escorting toxins to the kidneys for excretion. Green Food: Best nutritional supplement to use during fasting, it is one of the richest and purest sources of blood-cleansing chlorophyll and life sustaining nutrients. It also provides sufficient metabolic energy to help counteract food cravings.

Although a 7 day fast will do you the world of good, by purifying your blood, cleansing the lymphatic system and detoxifying the tissues, it will not remove the 2-7kg of toxic waste that has become deeply impacted in your bowels from years of bad eating habits. The only way to rid your body of this waste is through a series of colonics irrigation in conjunction with the therapeutic fast.